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Mastery Opportunities

Recruiting colleagues to take part in work groups and mastery programmes to develop mathematics in their schools

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups

Heard about teaching for mastery? Looking for ways to strengthen your students’ approach to the new GCSE? Wondering why your Y7s are stronger mathematicians this year?
Applications open now
Information and Application – Click Here

Train as a Secondary Mastery Specialist

Recruiting a third wave of teachers to join the secondary Mastery Specialists programme. This is part of a significant expansion of teaching for mastery work by Maths Hubs in secondary schools across England.

Application Open: 25 April 2018
Closing date: 7 June 2018
Information and Application – Click Here

Mastery Readiness Programme

Are you Mastery Ready?

‘The start of the mastery journey for your school.’ A one year professional learning programme that develops some of the pre-requisites of teaching for mastery which then makes schools ‘ready’ to join the Teaching for Mastery Work Group Programme the following year.

Closing date: 25 May 2018
Programme Flyer
Information and Application – Click Here

Sign your school up to be a Teacher Research Work Group School

Teaching for Mastery in Maths: Opportunities for Primary Schools – Click Here

Each Work Group will be led by a Mastery Specialists and involve 6 or 7 primary schools. During the year, the work group will work closely together to develop approaches to teaching for mastery.

Application Open: 16 April 2018
Closing date: 21 May 2018
Information and Application – Click Here