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Singapore Text Books

This National Project seeks to support the development of teaching through the use of a textbook approach, adapted from those currently used in Singapore. The project is being trialled by two lead schools in Stockton and Darlington in Year 1 and Year 2. The lead schools will develop and embed a mastery approach to mathematical teaching, using the textbooks.

Schools are supported through intensive training through Inspire and are provided with a Teacher’s book to aid planning, textbooks to support conceptual, procedural and variation experiences. The pupils complete work in the high quality exercise book which presents concepts in a variety of forms – concrete, pictorial and abstract.

The purpose of the textbook approach to ensure all pupils experience mathematics at a depth matched to their needs. The textbooks are just as much a professional resource as they are a learning resource for pupils. The constant emphasis on mathematical relationships is a strength throughout this project and certainly supports the mastery approach.

“ We love maths now and enjoy working in the exercise books, they are fun and I easy to use.”
– Pupil in Lead School.