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Mastering Maths

In January Local Leaders in education attended a major conference to discuss the teachings of mathematics. 86 delegates, specialising in mathematics leadership from primary schools, secondary schools and local authorities, spent the day at the Blackwell Grange Hotel, Darlington. Click here to read the article.

Shanghai Exchange

Mathematics teachers from a school in Shanghai have arrived for a two week period teaching maths at Eldon Grove Academy, in Hartlepool.

Peng Yu-yun and Huang Wei-yi will be working and teaching alongside Valda Varadinek-Skelton (Eldon Grove Academy) and Natalie Ruddell (Cotsford Junior School, Horden) who went on a research visit to Shanghai Huangpu Luwan No. 1 Central Primary School and the First Central Primary School of Jingan District, in Shanghai, in November this year.

The exchange is part of a long-term project, run within the Maths Hubs programme, to help teachers in English schools introduce mastery approaches to teaching maths in their schools.

This is the third such exchange is being run as part of the National Maths Hubs programme, funded by the DfE, and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

For more information, see www.mathshubs.org.uk or contact steve.mccormack@ncetm.org.uk

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70 Teachers from the UK Visit Shanghai


November 2016: Shanghai Exchange Update

Natalie and Valda met their exchange teachers on November 7th and they were met with a warm welcoming ceremony. They were both interviewed for Chinese TV. You can find more information on their visit here

November 2016: Shanghai Primary Teacher Exchange

Two teachers; Natalie Ruddell from Cotsford Junior School and Valda Varadinek-Skelton from Eldon Grove Academy, have been selected to take part in a prestigious teacher exchange, focusing on mathematics, with a partner school in Shanghai. Natalie and Valda are among 70 expert mathematics teachers from schools across England taking part in an exchange as part of the Maths Hubs programme. Cotsford Junior School and Eldon Grove Academy are working with the Archimedes NE Maths Hub. Please click here for further information.

Latest research shows Mastery is working
Research reveals that ‘Singapore’ approach to teaching maths can work in UK classrooms. Oxford University Press calls for a debate on raising
maths attainment by supporting teachers embed mastery in UK education. Click here for the full press release detailing this information.

New DfE funding supporting teaching for mastery

On 12 July the DfE announced new funding (£41m over four years) to support schools to learn about and start to implement mastery approaches to teaching maths. This will build on, and significantly expand, work that has been underway in Maths Hubs projects since autumn 2014. Click here for further information.

News from The Director of the NECTM

Click here to view the presentation by Charlie Stripp, Director of the NCETM

Asian maths method offered to schools

Thousands of primary schools in England are to be offered the chance to follow an Asian style of teaching maths. The government is providing £41m of funding to help interested schools to adopt this method, which is used in high performing places like Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Click here to read the article from the BBC

Darlington’s Carmel College Maths Hub brings the best of Far East teaching methods to the North-East

“IF you are going to learn something new then learn from the best – that has been the ethos behind an exchange of ideas that now sees North-East schools teach maths ‘the Shanghai way’. Education editor Andy Richardson finds out how it could help revolutionise teaching. A SCHOOL in Darlington is taking ideas gleaned from teachers in the Far East to spearhead a drive for North-East children to be equipped with world class maths skills.”

Click here to read our full article in the Northern Echo.

May 2016 – Launch of App

The Archimedes Maths Hub are proud to announce they have launched their very own Mobile App, available on both IOS and Android for you to do wnload for free. Click on the links below to download the app today.

March 2016 – Carmel College Take On EEF Mathematical Reasoning Project

The Archimedes Maths Hub are proud to be running a new project. The EEF is an independent grant-making charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement. The EEF funds a range of projects across England that it believes have the potential to raise attainment amongst disadvantaged pupils, and evaluate their impact through robust and independent evaluations. Click here to read more information