Day 1

Day 1

Sarah and I arrived safely at the hotel at around 12pm Monday, Shanghai time, 5am Uk time.

GavinWhen you travel from Pu Dong Airport to the centre of Shanghai, you are struck by the sheer size and business of the place. There are endless amounts of high-rise tower blocks, housing in a city, the same population as Australia! Between these these tower blocks there are an enormous amount of inter-weaving, multi-laned, noisy and dangerous motorways.

Shanghai, especially in the evening, is dazzling! The famous promenade next to the Changjiang (Yangtze) River, The Bund, offers a view of the financial district of Shanghai that is breathtaking, with some of the largest towers in the world illuminated with ever changing lights, designs and messages.

So, day 1 was about acclimatizing and trying to adjust to the different time zone, but, tomorrow we are going to Shanghai Normal University for a day of lectures and to meet the teachers who will be coming to the UK in November. On Wednesday we will be going into school for the first time to work with our Shanghai colleagues.

Will send further updates as the days go by..

Zia Jian


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