Day 2

Day 2

20150908_021435We have just finished Day Two. We started very early (7.30am) taking a coach to Shanghai Normal University. When it was first established, Shanghai Normal University was the university where all teachers and government leaders received their education.

There was a formal opening ceremony in the morning attended by the Ex-President of SNU, the current President of SNU, a representative from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, The Dean of the School of Education and a representative from the DfE who is in charge of curriculum and standards.
After all the speeches, we had a formal group photograph to mark the occasion and I managed to push myself on to one of the seats on the front row, so keep an eye out for me on the NCETM website.

We had a couple of lectures about PISA and why the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission is so keen to work with other international partners like UK, USA, Japan, etc. and the Chinese approach to teaching Mathematics which can be summarised as: Emphasize the core elements in the logical analysis of the teaching content; Arrange teaching sequences from the perspective of subject knowledge and cognitive development; Highlight the key points; Set up learning steps moving from the concrete to the abstract.

We met the teachers that we will be observing over the next few days and who will be coming to join us at Egglescliffe School. They are

Ding Qi, a female secondary school teacher from Xinhua Private Junior Secondary School, and,
Wang Xueru, a female primary school teacher from Mingquiang Primary School.

I have attached some photos. Ding Qi is pictured with Sarah and Wang Xueru is pictured with me.

We will be observing grade six students who are the equivalent of year 7 students in the secondary school and grade 4 (Year 5) students in the primary school.

We will hopefully have lots of photos following tomorrow’s visit to school.