Day 4

Day 4

Today is National Teacher’s Day across the whole of China. Like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at home the Chinese have a national Teacher’s Day.

When we arrived at school we were presented with flowers at the school gate. All day long, pupils were coming up to us with either real single roses or fake roses made from soap with greetings of Happy Teacher’s Day. They gave us cards they had made and boxes of sweets. Pupils were asking for our autographs all day too.

We observed more mathematics lessons today that feel very similar to the kind of lesson that we would deliver in the UK, but some of the ability of the Year 7 pupils was phenomenal. We are in a selective private school in Shanghai, so obviously there are many bright children, but their number and problem solving skills were astounding.

I have sent a few more photos,


20150910_034754 20150910_061211 20150910_061417
20150910_061423 20150910_061457

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