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A Level Pedagogy and Core Maths - CPD opportunities at Post 16 Level

For teachers of maths at post-16, subject specific CPD is crucial to ensure confidence in both subject knowledge and pedagogy.  The professional development programmes are available with our Hub and are designed to specifically to support teachers of A level Maths, Core Maths and GCSE Resit.  They are led by subject experts who are themselves experienced classroom practitioners, and offer practical and effective strategies for successful post-16 teaching.

We are pleased to be able to offer the A Level Pedagogy Work Group, enabling the Maths Hub to offer improved support in areas of the post 16 curriculum. This Work Group is for existing leaders of A level teaching or experienced teachers of A level Mathematics who wish to lead the development of pedagogy with other colleagues in their own or other schools.  support experienced A level teachers to not only further develop their expertise but provide a model to support departmental change.

The NCETM provides more detailed information on A Level Pedagogy Professional Development.

North East Core Maths Collaborative Network - working with AMSP

The first of a series of planned collaborative network meetings in the North East with a focus on Core Maths has taken place.

Core Maths is a level 3 qualification that is equivalent to an AS in terms of UCAS points. It is a suitable qualification for the majority of Post 16 students who are not taking A/AS Level Maths.

To find out more about our Work Groups and programmes, get in touch with our Sam Waterfield, Post-16 Hub Lead, by emailing

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