The Primary Teaching for Mastery Programme is one of the principle areas of work of the Maths Hubs. This programme has run since 2015. Each year a new cohort of teachers in each Maths Hub area are trained to become " Teaching for Mastery Specialists" in their own classrooms through the NCETM programme, and in succeeding years they work with a group of schools to support the similar development of practice in partner schools. The programme is funded for the Specialists and also for the participating work group schools. By summer 2019, more than 5,000 schools have participated in the Teaching for Mastery Programme. Hundreds of thousands of children are now benefiting from a changed experience of maths learning at school. The programme is open to all state-funded schools in England.

Click on this diagram to show the primary school pathway.

Do you want to participate in the Primary Teaching for Mastery programme?

If you are a Primary teacher interested in developing confident mathematicians with deep connected understanding in your class, we welcome you to apply to participate Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Group. The Work Groups are funded, highly regarded, collaborative professional development opportunities for participants, with £1000 funding to help subsidise teacher release time, support improvement across the whole school.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers like you to develop best practice in mathematics in your school. It is suitable for schools interested in implementing a teaching for mastery approach to maths.